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Aimé Loves You // Ewa Bautista, painter and sales advisor at Aimé Red Church Street

June 14, 2018

If you are a frequent visitor to our Shoreditch shop on Redchurch street you might be familiar with the wonderful presence of Ewa Bautista. She is a gifted and ambitious painter working from East London. We had a lovely chat about living in London places, inspirations and aspirations. She is wearing some wonderful outfits selected by Aimé. Click through the gallery to see them all. 




You graduated from The London College of Fashion in design, what made you decide to make the switch to paining?


When I made a decision to study fashion design I was only 18 yeas old and I just moved to London from Poland. At that time back in Poland there was no many people who were doing this and fashion over there was still a bit blank, so I just wanted to do something different but still stay in the creative field. It was only on my last year of the course that I realised how much I miss painting and that I want to go back to it and do it full time. 



What inspires you most in your work, and how would you describe your style.


A lot of my inspirations comes from my travel. I use a lot of shape of the landscapes I’ve seen and the culture I got to know. I paint with a lot of orange and red colours, because it reminds me of the sun which I really miss whilst living in London. 

I like to call it “messy” abstract. I am very tidy person in real life and I love to have everything planned but when it comes to my art it is very different. I always have a topic in my head but I never know what I’m going to put on the canvas, what shape I will paint and which colour I will use. I just take a brush and go with the flow making a lot of “mess” on the canvas. 


You mentioned your time living in the south of France and its inspirational colours. What was it like living there compared to ever so busy London?


It’s a completely different world over there. Starting with the nature where you have the Mediterranean Sea on one side and the Alpes on the other. You wake up and every day is sunny, On your way to the beach you pick up fresh oranges and lemons from the trees. Life in there is what you see in maybe a Bernardo Bertolucci or Woody Allen movie… It’s like time stands still over there, everyone is so relaxed and free, with their mind and body.  You like to take your time with everything, you can stop in the middle of the drive get out of the car and smell the olive leaves. It’s very poetic place. 

As an artist I personally love the fact that it is a very art driven area of France.  There is an art installation or gallery or museum every few meters. There is so many small towns like Saint-Paul-de-Vence which are just dedicated to art and artists. 


What do you love most about living in London?


Too much to mention :) Probably everything. Probably things that I say I hate, I still often miss when I’m not in London. There’s no place like it! London can be harsh with you but you always go back!. I love the fact that it is so big and every area is so different and it has something different to offer.  I actually often miss the busyness  of London, I can’t function properly when it’s too calm, when I don’t feel rushed. I love the fact that it is so diverse in so many areas. People, architecture, food and style, it’s just so colourful. you see all the cultures from around the world and you can experience how it all comes together in one place and it’s so beautiful. I love how London is so open to everything, there’s always something happening like exhibitions, gigs or new markets and restaurants opening. You will never get bored in London. 


Have you got anything exciting up (Exhibition, online sales etc).


Not at the moment as I’m soon going back to France but I just decided to redesign my whole website where I decided to not only put my paintings on but also my photography and short videos I’ve been working on for the past couple of years. 


Favourite designer in Aimé?


All of them :) but since few seasons now I’ve been drawn more and more towards Soeur. It’s just so classic and elegant but with a bit of 60s and 70s tomboy hint which I really like. 


Favourite lunch spot?


Smoking Goat, the best barbecue spot in London and it’s just around the corner from AIMÉ Shoreditch. 


Current favourite exhibition in London?


“Surface work” at Victoria Miro and another female artist Lee Bul at Haywards Gallery.  



Thank you Ewa, I loved chatting to you!



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